Bhavans Smart Indian School conducted a two-hour motivational talk for the students of grade 10. This developmental program was seen necessary to the students who are on their march towards a greater goal. The session took place in the auditorium with the students of grade 10 along with the staff community. The speaker of this session was Mr.Sriram the parent of Ananya of grade 10 Aries, a dedicated motivational speaker who construes the necessary guidance and will power to the candidates who are right around the corner to face challenging examinations and an amazing counsellor.

The vibrant students who kept their hectic study time aside were immersed in the talk of the speaker and made the time productive by resolving various doubts. The presenter who himself a source of motivation encouraged the students through his real-life examples and shed light on how to tackle the problems by being self-motivated. He further discussed the importance of positive thinking and undisturbed attitude to see the brighter side of life. The students who attended the session realized the necessity to imbibe chaotic free mind to have a fiasco free development. The primary concern of this special gathering was to eradicate unnecessary fear in the minds of the students during their exam days and to create a pathway in lifting themselves up at the time of dilemma and mental confrontation. It proved to have a special impact on the children who aspire to do great things in life.


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