A healthy outside starts from a healthy inside. In order to inculcate healthy eating habits and to encourage creativity, Bhavans Smart Indian School decided to develop a competitive spirit in the little ones. Salad Making Competition was held on 27th June 2020. The ingredients used for the competition were fruits and vegetables. The children were expected to say few words about them and they also had to prepare the salad on their own.

     The objective behind the competition was to inculcate healthy food habits and awareness regarding the choice of food among the tiny tots. The little ones’ creativity was revealed through the beautiful designs and patterns formed with different mouth-watering salad.

     The main focus of the competition was not only on the preparation of salad but also on their artistic presentation which carried an aesthetic aspect and the art integration. Nutritive value, presentation and language fluency were the basic criteria for the judgment. This competition was exhorted upon the students to make salad eating a routine habit by enabling them to maintain a healthy life and keeping diseases at bay.


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