Bhavans Smart Indian School proved its caliber and achievement in class 10 result in the maiden batch of the school. The exuberance and joy radiated on the faces of the achievers were far beyond description. The hardworking facilitators who worked tirelessly to bring out the result with flying colours were in full glee about the results. The impressive academic achievements secured by the students were totally made possible under the able guidance of the Principal Mr.Mahesh Iyer, Vice Principal Mrs.Albin Daisy and the moral support stretched out by KG Supervisor Mrs.Rajni Menon.

It was indeed an incredible experience that each student underwent to carve their achievements in the annals of the school history. 23 students appeared for the maiden batch from the school and passed out with centum result. The school takes an immense pleasure in congratulating the school toppers – Irin Mariya Joby as the first by securing 96.8%, the second Jemimah Ann George with 93.8% and the third topper Jonathan Cherian Zachariah with 93.2%.

The awesome achievements were also seen in respective subjects. Two students – Parvathi Menon and Irin Mariya Joby scored centum in English and French. It was truly a record breaking moment to have centum in English. Akshara Cheruvatheri Anilkumar became the subject topper  in Hindi with 87%. Chetan Manohar and Sambhav Nath Jain scored 94% in Mathematics followed by Chetan Manohar securing 97% to be the topper in Science as well. Irin Mariya Joby did show her breathtaking performance in Social Studies by scoring 98% in it.

Other outstanding performances include Irin Mariya Joby, Jonathan Zachariah and Akshara Cheruvatheri Anilkumar attaining 99 , Jemimah Ann George and Sambhav Nath Jain scoring 98 and Anisha Bhattacharya, Ann Teresa George,  Ananya Sriram scoring 97 in English, Jonathan Cherian Zachariah scoring 97 in French, Irin Mariya Joby and Jemimah Ann George  scoring 93 in Mathematics followed by Akshara Cheruvatheri Anilkumar securing 96 in Science and Chetan Manohar and Jonathan Cherian Zachariah securing 96 in Social Studies.

These were the detailed account of the hard work and tireless effort put by the management and teachers to groom the children in their academic excellence. The achievements were also shared by the relentless patronage extended by the parents and mentors of each student. A big thanks to the Chairman Mr.Ramachandran Menon, Vice Chairman Mr.Sooraj Ramchandran Menon and the Director Mrs.Dhivya Rajesh for moulding the teachers with valuable skills and talents and whose words of encouragement have driven the school to do great works  and soar high in its initial board result. Thus this triumphant accomplishment has added a golden feather to the crowning glory of Bhavans SIS. Congratulations to the Brave Bhavanites!


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