Bhavan’s Smart Indian School arranged a day for the students of grades 1 and 2, the cheerful heliophiles to get tanned and drenched under the warmth of breezy temperature on 10th May 2018. The children with all delight and glee carried the essentialities of the weather’s mode like sunglasses and caps which turned as an added package to the previously existed excitement. Having thwarted by the abrupt change in the aura, the confines had ended up in being into the classroom that embodied in hilarity of the friends’ company coupled with the merriment in self-serving the fresh squeezed lemons. True to the saying that unfortunate events could be turned into optimistic opportunities had verily matched with the fun and laughter of the bustling kids on that day to turn to be the masters of infecting happiness and creation. The students who buzzed around like fireflies carried the glow and radiance while preparing the easy-peasy lemons to make it an activating lemony sweet syrup that magically transformed the squinty expression to the finger frolicking drink in the hands of tender masters. The teachers who guided them meticulously imbibed in them the need to be independent, cheerful and volunteering. Though the day failed to see the actual fun under sun due to squally weather, but the mere vibrant presence and focus of each student to seize the moment had never failed to miss the singing of the sun with arms wide opened.

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