As an initiative taken by the Science Department, Bhavans Smart Indian School conducted a virtual session for the students of grades 8 – 11 to commemorate ‘World No Tobacco Day’. The renowned oncologist and the motivational speaker from Kuwait Cancer Control Center (KCCC), Ms. Susovana Nair presided and provided an eye-opening session for the students on the precariousness of the venomous usage of tobacco and nicotine. The speaker pointed out the high risk that the children cultivate by normalizing the use of these perilous products. World Health Organization (WHO) along with the sectors that prioritize public health have taken these efforts to bring this commemoration as a global observation and on this day the school was really keen to disseminate the message, which the health organizations are striving for, to its own students. The session went on for an hour where the students were enlightened not only on the negative effects of tobacco but also to fight against it by saying a big ‘NO’ to its glossy and embellishing advertisements and practice.

This global campaign which liberated many minds to provide a counter-marketing campaign for this dangerous products saw many new volunteers being added as the individuals who show a massive loathing and be the campaigners to detest this menacing substances. The speaker highlighted the I’ll-effects and the darker phase of life which dominates in the aftermath of this injurious products were all explained in an elaborative and convincing way to the students. The students had utilized to the maximum by mulling over the points shared and asked relevant queries to expand their knowledge on the subject. Though it is distant and virtual, the school had made use of this significant day in these days of turbulent pandemic.


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