‘May Day’ – commemorated as International Workers’ Day had cherished its extraordinary celebration on this conventional day of observance. This year’s execution has ventured to propagate a novel way of remembering the celebration in the chronicles of school’s history by conducting ‘Chain Thanksgiving’ in a virtual way even on this Corona Crisis – starting from the students and parents of Kindergarten to the senior most grades of the school. The lives of many are made to see and feel the difference through the workers’ act of honest working and exceptional services rendered to us. Having these messages in mind and deciding to uplift the moments of realization for our children to render thanks with dignity and honour, the school had taken this special step to flower the act of veneration for the workers in their young minds.

‘Chain Thanksgiving’ started off with the gathering of the invited dignitaries that included Chairman of Bhavans Middle East – Mr. N.K.Ramachandran Menon, Principal of SIS – Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Principal of Jack and Jill,Mangaf – Ms.Rathi Ravindran, Vice Principal of PIES Abu Dhabi Mr.Suresh V. Balakrishnan, Vice Principal of IES Ms.Anselma Tessy Judeson,Vice Principal of Co-curricular activities of IES –Ms.Meenakshi Nayyar, Vice Principal of SIS- Ms.Albin Daissy, KG Supervisor of SIS –Ms.Rajni Menon and the entire staff community of SIS. The diligent workers whose service promotes our unstoppable feasibility of sustenance in our daily lives were seen applauded by each dignitary and the HODs of all the departments. The words of gratitude and a wholehearted salute given during the hour of inauguration stemmed out the incomparable assistance given by the medical fraternity in these days of physical peril. The great work of IT people had amassed a special mention for keeping the connectivity and flow of the world intact through their unfaltering service.

The great start of the day was followed by the class teachers who had an amazing time with their students and parents of their class. The children and the parents who showed eagerness in sharing their sincere thanks and love for the workers accumulated an astonishing time to honour and respect the people to whom we ought to owe our success. The students and their parents sitting at their houses participated in this historic virtual Chain of Thanksgiving by showing the placards, drawings and with their emotional words portraying their part of gratitude towards all the workers around the globe.

This mesmerizing event that basked in the golden hues of thanksgiving sunshine to esteem all the professions on the highest scale. Their untiring act of society’s improvement was depicted through a special release of a film on the title ‘May Day’ to unfurl echoes of praise. Thus, the day resonated nothing but the thanks that all came from the purest hearts of students, parents, teachers and the management fraternity through this unique initiation by the school that voices out making difference in everything.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam –“The Whole World is one family.”


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