Ayurveda Day was celebrated at SIS on 16 November 2020 at 9.00 a.m. and the session was themed as ‘The Natural Way, Ayurvedic Way’ about which Mr. James C Joseph Chief Pediatric Clinical Perfusionist & ECMO Coordinator, Ministry of Health, Kuwait, and CEO & Healthcare counsellor, Ayurveda Health Centre Kuwait directed a discussion with the students of SIS. This event started at 9.00 a.m.

How to choose a healthy lifestyle in this world of chaotic information was the primary address for the young learners of high school. Participants could advance copious amount of knowledge about confusions in the matter of health, nutrition, Physical activity, different pattern of health concerns.

Further in acquisition of Ayurveda Medicine, the resource person disseminated a few points on modern medicine failure in the concept of wholeness: human body and mind. He had made all the students travel with his healthy conversation on a topic ‘Health System vs Medical System’ and it was an eye-opener for many participants to gain profuse knowledge in different sources of medicine.

During the conversation, students were advised not to practice without a proper guidance and advice of an expertise in Ayurvedic medicine. He had made this point clearer to the participants as there were plenty of questions about failure of Ayurvedic medicine. Having given a lot of clarity on students’ query, relatively the resource person said that Ayurvedic medicine is scientific and it is substantiated with modern medical.

Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Principal of Smart Indian School, had thanked Mr. James C Joseph for being with the students and presented a virtual certificate as a token of appreciation to him. The formal welcome and vote of thanks were extended by the students of g11 Master Mevin and Ms. Irin respectively. The event ended with a note “True medicine comes from earth not a lab.”


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