Bhavan’s SIS colours outside the lines

Colour can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate or soothe our eyes, raise blood pressure or suppress appetite. When used in the right ways, colour can even save on energy consumption. As a powerful form of communication, colour is irreplaceable. Colours are vibration of lights and they are present all around us and are involved in every aspect of our life. Choice of decoration and arrays of clothing depend on colours to give meaningful sparkle in life.

All the children are artists in their own way. Young children love painting and colour projects, and this mode turns a great way to foster creativity and develop fine motor skills.  Art is a natural way for children to express themselves. Art is not only an entertaining aspect but also an educational. The kindergarten wing of Smart Indian School celebrated ‘Kinder Art Day’, a very novel and fun themed day for our tiny tots.

The kids came dressed up in half sleeves, and their tiny aprons displayed their readiness to kinder their artistic skills and to get smeared in colours. They enjoyed the idea of getting dirty. Each class of the kindergarten came up with different activity, such as cotton swabs, vegetable cuttings and palm, finger & foot print painting.

On the whole the kids enjoyed their first painting art activity of the season. Hoping for more fun, the kids retired for the day, all tired and carrying lots of stories to tell their parents


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