‘A field of clay touched by the genius of man becomes a castle’

Clay modelling is one form of art that promotes creativity and develops motor skills.  Bhavans Smart Indian School,Kindergarten and Jack and Jill conducted the clay modelling competition on an hybrid platform.

The LKG children were asked to make models of any one aquatic animal and UKG students were asked to create 3D models of any one mode of transport. Watching the tiny tots get their hands dirty with colourful clay dough, looking cheery and excited was a sight to behold. The messy tables, twisting and rolling of clay doughs, rolling pins, and different types of clay moulds displayed the enthusiasm of the little ones. It was indeed a pleasure to watch kids take care of the nitty gritty of the tiny models, which were made to perfection. Seeing children create masterpieces out of simple dough was truly mesmerising.

The judges of the competition were on the tough spot, and found it very difficult to finalise the winners. Every child in the eye of the teachers were winners, as they showcased their abilities on this day.  We wholeheartedly thank our little ones for making this day so memorable.


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