Penguins are fun and interesting animals that are unique in many ways. These charismatic little birds have waddled and danced their way into the affections of people all around the world.

The kindergarten wing of Bhavans Smart Indian School honoured the cuteness of this amazing friend by celebrating Penguin Awareness Day on 14 January 2021. This was done to help raise awareness about the flightless bird whose numbers are dwindling by the day. It was a great opportunity for the tiny tots to learn more about penguins, what they eat, how they socialize and the environment they live in.

On this day, kids spent time learning about different species of penguins and other facts relating to it through a presentation. Kindergarteners were shown a short documentary about different types of penguins and their characteristics. They also had fun time wiggling and swaying to a penguin dance. The LKG kids enthusiastically made a beautiful penguin collage and the UKG kids were encouraged to make a 3D clay model of a penguin with step by step instructions given to them.

Penguin Awareness Day was a great opportunity for young juvenile to learn about the situation they are in and appreciate one of the few natives of Antarctica.


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