“A journey of academic and co-curricular excellence”

Smart Indian School, Kuwait, celebrated its anniversary with great fanfare. As the lockdown transformed the whole schooling into a virtual education, the work created with the help of the same platform 2021 became a heart-warming experience for students and parents.

Isn’t it a wonder that SIS has made all her children turn around this pandemic situation? Certainly, she widened the opportunities all along the academic and non-academic activities although the pandemic left all of us trapped within the four walls of our rooms and never let this grim exit as a barrier. There have been uninterrupted online classes in MS Teams, assessments, webinars, events, celebrations, overseas participation, it was no barrier to unleashing SIS students’ creativity in learning during this academic year 2020-21.

Indeed, Smart Indian School celebrated the Annual Day 2020-21 magnificently. Students from grades 1-2 themed their cultural show as “Pie in the sky” and grades 3-11 themed it as “This too shall pass”. This spectacular event comprised a jubilant inaugural function and ecstatic cultural programs. This exhilarated event appeared in the Zoom Auditorium and live streamed through the school facebook link with a formal welcome address by an ardent student Ms. Riya Achu Jills from grade 9 Taurus. A decorous introduction was given to the chief guest Smt. Meena Vishwanath, Academic Consultant and Education Officer at Bhavans Kochi Kendra, India. The dazzling emcees were Ryan Joseph from grade 10, Irene Sara Biju from grade 10, Ashvanth from grade 8 and Devika from grade 8.

Bhavans Middle East Chairman Mr. N.K. Ramachandran Menon, Mrs. Sudha Ramachandran and Mr. Mahesh Iyer along with the Chief Guest Smt. Meena Vishwanath lit the lamp for the celebrations which started at 9 am on February 20, 2021.

Chief Guest Smt. Meena Vishwanath, in her keynote address, reminded that education should be conducive to the personal, ideological and artistic development of the learners at school and admired the school for sparing no efforts and any commitment in the teaching and learning process during this pandemic. She narrowed down the problem-solving skills and 21st century skills in connection with NEP 2020.

Chairman of Bhavans Middle East Mr. N.K. Ramachandran Menon, in his speech, made a strong point that no matter what the situation we are in, he reiterated that, it matters how well we prepare ourselves to enjoy the quality in life. The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties is the key to attain change in whatever we do. He paid all the students, teachers and parents an enormous compliment that they faced during the difficult times with a smile.

Director of Bhavans Middle East, Mrs. Divya Rajesh Ramachandran remarked that the students and teachers tried every possible course of action in order to achieve the academic and non-academic excellence though severely stuck by this pandemic ruin.

School Annual Report was presented by Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Principal of Smart Indian School along with the student news readers in the form of SIS NEWS. The school magazine reflects the Philosophy and culture of the school and it is the mirror to the cream of our activities, creativity of our imagination and our expression. The chief guest Smt. Meena Vishwanath released the school magazine ‘Melange 2021’ at the event on the virtual platform.

The Chairman then congratulated the academic winners of the proficiency holders and scholar badge and scholar blazer awardees for the previous academic year and the 10th class school toppers: Irin Maria Joby [first place], Akshara Anilkumar [second place], Jemimah Ann George [third place], Irin Maria Joby [centum in French, Parvathi Menon [centum in English] and teachers who achieved 100% result and distributed the awards.

Soon after the formal inaugural function, cultural events started led by the students and teachers of grades 1 and 2.  ‘Pie in the Sky’ opened the window to magical worlds and it was a   presentation of fantasy and magic realism while the senior students performed the art form “This too shall Pass”- a virus world.

The students inspired the whole group with their artistic performances to deal with the frustration and boredom that whole sapphire period provided. The academic year was also a success for the student and teacher communities. The entire event was led by the Vice Principal Mrs. Albin Daisy, Mrs. Mini Nair, Mrs. Bhavitha , Ms. Preksha, Ms. Kajal the event co-ordinators and Mr. Jogy George  from the IT department.

Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Principal of Smart Indian School, had esteemed the benevolent presence of all and treasured all those students and teachers who relentlessly took efforts in this marvellous Annual Day celebration. A child prodigy from grade 6 Aries, Nikitha proposed her joyful vote of thanks to the gathering. The event ended with the Indian national anthem giving a new impetus to the students and teachers alike, and the quote “Let noble thoughts come to us from everywhere”.


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