Jleeb, September 04, 2021: A true visionary is a man who takes his first steps down new roads armed with nothing but his own vision. Bhavans Kuwait, a tiny sapling planted in the arena of education in the shimmering sands of Kuwait in the year 2006 by its visionary founder Mr. N.K. Ramachandran Menon has now grown to be a mighty oak whose branches have now spread across the Middle East that help fledgling learners fly high in the sky of astounding success.

The 16th Founder’s Day Celebration of Bhavans Kuwait, held on September 4, 2021, on a virtual platform, attracted hundreds of spectators across the Middle East and India. This itself is a testimony to the reverential admiration the organization is bestowed upon by its students, parents, teachers, alumni, and former employees.

The auspicious occasion of the 16th Founder’s Day was graced by a galaxy of distinguished leaders of Bhavans Middle East. Mr. N. K. Ramachandran Menon, the Chairman,  Ms. Sudha Ramachandran, the First Lady of Bhavans Middle East, CA, Sooraj Ramachandran, Vice Chairman, CA, Divya Rajesh Ramachandran, Director, Mr. Krishnadas Menon, Director, Bhavans Kuwait, CA  Himanshu Verma, Director, Bhavans Bahrain and his wife Ms. Ritu Verma, Mr. T. Premkumar and Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Principals of Bhavans Kuwait, Ms. Anselma Tessy Judeson, Ms. Meenakshi Nayyar, Ms. Lalitha Premkumar, and Ms. Albin Daisy, Vice-Principals Bhavans Kuwait, Ms. Rajini Menon, Supervisor, Kindergarten Bhavans Kuwait, and principals and vice-principals of Bhavans Middle East schools embellished the online platform with their elegant presence.

The program commenced at 9.30 a.m. by welcoming the dignitaries virtually with a round of applause followed by the recitation of a few verses from the Holy Quran by Yunus Hamdan of grade 9. After the singing of the national anthem of Kuwait, the ceremonial lamp of knowledge was conjointly lit by the leaders of Bhavans Middle East, Mr. N.K Ramachandran Menon, Ms. Sudha Ramachandran, CA, Sooraj Ramachandran, CA Divya Rajesh Ramachandran, Mr. T. Premkumar and Mr. Mahesh Iyer.

The minstrels of Indian Education School then invoked the blessings of the Almighty through a melodious prayer song followed by the Bhavan’s anthem. Lakshmi Sahiti, Vice President, Student Parliament, IES, extended a warm welcome to all the dignitaries as well as the cheerful online viewers.

The rhythmic steps of Athulya Jayadevan and Malavika Happey of grade 8, Dyuthi Vandana and Avantika Suraj of grade 7, and Naiga Githindas of grade 6 invoked the blessings of the almighty in the most solemn fashion. As a tribute of gratefulness to the founder, a video presentation reminiscing and acknowledging all his noble endeavors was aired. The video won plaudits and positive comments from the online viewers comprising parents, students, and teachers.

“Action speaks louder than words.” This dictum is truly attributable to the great visionary, Mr. N. K. Ramachandran Menon, the founder of Bhavans Middle East who nurtured the organization from its days of inception to its present glorious position in the GCC.  In his address, he said, “We can perfect all that we do now in a better way and in a creative way provided we all work in unison with the same goal.” He also expressed his gratitude and extended his heartfelt thanks to everyone for organizing an awe-inspiring program on his birthday.

CA Sooraj Ramachandran, Vice Chairman, Bhavans Middle East, in his address, expressed his gratitude to the stakeholders, the teaching fraternity of IES and SIS, the students, and their parents for their incessant support and solemn patronage that have helped IES and SIS to attain their present good will and grandeur from their humble beginning. He added that transparency and cohesiveness which we seek are what ultimately help our children prosper and bloom.  In his address to the young learners, he mentioned that the purpose of schooling is to develop a healthy mind and not merely an economically rewarding career. He also added that it is of paramount importance that every child must enjoy every moment of his or her school life to the fullest.

CA Divya Rajesh Ramachandran, Director, Bhavans Middle East, hailed Bhavans Kuwait on its stupendous growth as a frontrunner in curricular and extra-curricular activities and added that the schools under Bhavans Kuwait have carved a niche for themselves through painstaking educational endeavors. She gladly expressed her indebtedness and admiration to her father, the founder of Bhavans Middle East, and wished him well on the joyous occasion of his birthday.  In her address, she said, “Think and do. Do not waste time thinking alone instead focus and start doing. We prefer to let our walk to do the talk.”

The mega event of the day was the cultural extravaganza on the theme ‘Kritanjali’- an inspiring mélange of dance, music, and drama through which the most talented Bhavanites unraveled the significance of the noblest human virtue namely gratitude.

The synergy and the synchronization of the performers entranced the beholders and resulted in rounds of relentless applause.

The teaching and non-teaching staff of Indian Education School and Smart Indian School who have contributed to building a cohesive organization with their successful completion of 5,10, and 15 years of their service in their prestigious institutions were honored and awarded with certificates. The class coordinators of 2020-2021 were also appreciated for their sincere services rendered to the organization.

Awards and certificates were virtually given away to the students at Indian Education School, Kuwait who had bagged the ‘Sustainability Award 2021 – a special recognition award for their innovative project for environment sensitivity chosen out of 500 projects’ in the Global Goals Competition, held by Global Social Leaders’ of the UK.

The talented artists of Smart Indian School, Kuwait who had won the Golden Trophy in the Interschool Drawing and Painting Competition organized by the Art of Living Association, Kuwait titled ‘Chitram-2021’ were awarded certificates and mementos much to the merriment of the online viewers.

 Ms. Shiji Thomas, a senior teacher from the Department of Mathematics, IES, in her reflection, reiterated the support rendered by the Chairman in nourishing and molding the staff members to face any challenge in their professional realms. She gleefully reminisced her journey in IES and shared memories of bonding between Bhavans family.

A vote of thanks was proposed by Srihari Badrinarayanan, Vice President, Student Parliament, IES. The emcees for the day were Sai Varun, Aliza Susan, Megha Vinil, and Shivya Hari Chella. Curtains were drawn on the grand virtual celebration to honor the founder of Bhavans Middle East amidst rapturous and thunderous applause from the online viewers who watched the three-hour-long program with hearts filled to the brim with pride and excitement.


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