BEAMING BHAVANITES’ FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL There are many transitions in life but the first day of school is the most significant and a challenging one. Bhavans’ Smart Indian School was all set in the first week of April to welcome back the children of KG2 who were enthralled with excitement to be back in school and even more prepared was the k-team to bring a smile on the slightly anxious little tots of KG1. The KG2 kids brought in memories of their two week break in a collage of images and narrated to their friends and teachers their holiday story in a descriptive narration.  At KG1 the team led by the KG supervisor, Mrs. Rajni Menon, created an instant and friendly connection with the first timers reassuring them a home like school environment.  A deep trust was built between the new kids and their teachers with various activities and routines. Children were given an orientation with a walk around the campus making them familiar with their classes and the kindergarten play areas. Once again the kindergarten team establishes the beginning of a journey on the road to education to every k-bhavanite. The primary and the middle wing of the proud school had its grand days opened for its students to emerge with the roots of responsibility and to cherish the wings of independence in their creative learning process. The students were enthralled and utterly left unpredictable to think of the joyful learning time that is in store for them. The pride learners are immeasurably content with Smart Indian School as they are engineered into a global citizen of the world of tomorrow.

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Remya Rajith