Despite the most advanced techniques in cancer treatment, the disease exists in one’s body when no longer patience and confidence persist. On this note, the resource person for the day, Dr. Shashikala, an eminent Yoga Acharya with a rich experience of 30 years of yoga teaching started her session at 11:00 a.m. for the teachers and students of grades 8 to 11 on the virtual platform. Department of Science, Bhavans Smart Indian School, Kuwait organized this awareness programme on National Cancer Awareness Day on November 8, 2020.

She had raised the awareness of cancer and encouraged its prevention through her battle against breast cancer. Her cancer survival story was a booklet talking about early symptoms of cancer and how to avoid getting it, was also important for all the participants that they could take away lessons on how to challenge the situation and strive till the end. Her talk was a significant one that one must focus on challenging to be self-reliant in disciplining oneself in the areas of personal health care.

She made the students understand the importance of mastering skills of Yoga practices and healthy food style.  Students were recommended to practice Nose Cleansing Yoga, also called Neti, the simple method that helps in many ailments or illnesses, e.g. cold, dry mucus membranes, allergy, and asthma as breathing  freely completely through the nose is one of the important keys to healthy life. Choice over healthy food style was another argument where students could understand the health hazards that Junk food could be death-traps to our body. It was learnt that the advancement of medical support alone plays no supportive role in recovering from cancer unless body fitness is taken care. Eventually students had involved in a discussion that helped them understand the mental and physical health assessment and have necessary measures consequently.

Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Principal of Smart Indian School, presented a virtual certificate as a token of appreciation to the resource person Dr. Shashikala. The way she recovered from breast cancer made all the kids gain more knowledge in this matter. The programme ended with a lively note, “stay fit and stay healthy.”


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