The astounding Kindergarten Wing of Bhavans Smart Indian School celebrated Creative Hat Day on 24th September 2020. Hats serve as the best wear protecting the head from the cold or heat of the day, or for religious purpose, profession, class, status or it just makes the way to express who you are to the world.

The young imaginary minds along with their parents gathered their craft supplies, channelled the secret milliner in their souls and made a creative hat for themselves of different shapes, colours and designs. This helped the tiny tots not only to strengthen their bonding but also to augment their creative thinking skills.

       The parents made the video of the combined fun they had in the process. The lovely hats turned as a beautiful sight to behold when the kindergarteners had a parade to display their hats during the online class. The children were also asked to speak a few lines about the hat in the class.

        Having creative playtime is essential for a child to develop, and whilst having fun making their hats, this had also helped them to develop their communication abilities and learning to share. It also gave them the lifelong skills that will assist them in their everyday lives as they mature through childhood.

 A huge appreciation was extended to all the imaginary minds who came up with their unique and exclusive hats.


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