Show and Tell Competition

SIS salutes the spirit of world flags in “Show and Tell”

To advocate a sense of togetherness and to promote the value of esteeming all nations’ flag alike, Smart Indian School organized “Show and Tell” competition for Grade 2 on 18th December 2017 in school auditorium. The day kicked off with a lot of enthusiasm among children by displaying a vibrant readiness to speak on a nation’s flag they had come prepared for. The whole time saw its willing and revered utterance on the significance of the flag by our dear children. The content of each nation’s flag, clearness in speech, bold expressive tone and the amazing props turned each one’s presentation into a wholesome package.

The importance of honoring the flag by remembering the endless hardships taken by each nation’s soldiers and the martyrs who have died protecting each nation’s pride and integrity were underscored to the young minds in a vivid way. The competition saw a positive inclination towards other countries in the form of speaking and waving the flag high as their own. The winners bagged prizes for their ceaseless and continual practice for bringing home the best that they can do. Thus the day saw its benefit by bringing forth the potentiality in children to talk about several countries’ embodiment – the flag.

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