Wow time  !!!!!!!!  Amazing Rides !!!! SIS’s Day Out

Bhavans Smart Indian School  had  gone  for an excursion   to Aqua Park  and  Messila Water Village. It was carefully  planned  by  Adventures  team. They  were  given  charge of the safety of the students. The students of  the  class four  to class eight  had  assembled  in  front  of the school   ground .At  9:30 the Adventures  team  took the students to their respective  buses. The buses left from school at 9:40a.m. During  the journey  there  were enjoyments like  games and  music. Snacks were distributed to the students. Around 10:00 am students  reached their destinations .After  reaching there the students  were given breakfast . The students excitedly ran for the slides. There were different slides. Students played to their hearts’ content .Lunch was served at 1:00 pm in the afternoon. After lunch the students went to the Wave pool. At 2:30 pm the students left the parks with ice-creams. Students settled in  their respective  buses and were given  evening  snacks. The bus  halted  in front of the school  premises at 2.50 p.m.The students left the school at 3p.m.  with a great experience and sweet memories. Students also really thanked the Principal, teachers and specially the Adventures team for their help. It was an enjoyable picnic.

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