‘’One Team One Dream’’ – SIS KG’s Group Rhyme Competition

Nursery rhymes are the most relaxing and fun songs and there is a reason why we learn nursery rhymes when young. It helps us develop an ear for our language. Rhyme and rhythm highlight the sounds and syllables in words and understanding sounds and syllables help kids learn how to read.

Group action rhyme competition was held at Smart Indian School for the kindergarten LKG and UKG students on different days to develop their poetry, rhyming and rhythm skills and also with an intention to develop their oral skills and confidence at an early age. It inspired them to come forward and recite it on stage with poise. All the kindergarten tots participated with great enthusiasm reflecting how well they learnt those rhymes using actions, facial expressions and voice variations.

The final judgment was made by the rhymes teaching team and the KG Supervisor Mrs.Rajni Menon.The selection process became extremely difficult for the judges as the kids participated in the competition earnestly. The efforts of the kindergarten teachers were well realized in enabling even the most timid child to make a confident stage performance.

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Remya Rajith